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Human Care Worldwide’s International air ambulance service provide a program that is specially designed for and capable of transporting a patient to any part of the world. Our medical aircraft are furnished with state of the art equipment that designate us to fly almost each and every country of the world.  We have built strong professional relationships with private sector, government and military with thousands of medical flights accomplished. Our flight coordinators have experience since last 11 years in handling all the indispensable arrangements of international travel, from working with foreign consulates and customs to arranging ground transportation and stay and handling all details besmeared with the medical transport.

We have Doctors and flight nurses with visas to all parts of the World. Case wise medical assistance can be provided. Medical escorts are available for medical assistance. Doctors for patients on oxygen and advance life supports. All flights with compatible equipment are available with us. Basic life support services include transportation of stable patients who have no serious emergency conditions and are not critically ill, and for whom no major in-flight stabilization is needed and anticipated. Advanced life support includes basic life support services, cardio pulmonary resuscitation including cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, trauma care and other life support measures like provision of continuous oxygen supply, monitoring of blood pressure & temperature, IV and central lines etc. Specialized life support requires specialist doctors on board, highly sophisticated medical equipment like Aortic balloon pump or Portable infant transportation systems, etc.

Human Care Worldwide does not work for a hospital/clinic however it acts as a facilitator between patients/visitors and various hospitals suggesting assorted options available based on the required treatment. The advantages of medical transport by flight may include providing a higher level of care at the scene of any kind of emergencies to help air medical transport. The golden hour of critical situation will be taken care in medical air ambulance. Medical air ambulance services will be provided in worldwide by Human Care Worldwide Service.

Human Care Worldwide Service collaborates with some of the most known senior physicians in the world to put together singular medical teams specifically tailored to the unique needs of every mission.

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