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Ground Ambulance Services in Dubai: When your near and dear ones are sick and need hospitalization or when you require transferring them from one hospital to another, take the help of ground ambulance services. Being in the business of serving ailing patients for many years, we are one of the top service providers. We understand the need and urgency and sentiments of the service takers and try to provide the best transportation facilities.

Why Choose Us for Ground Ambulance Services

Our helpline is open 24 X 7 throughout the year. The teams of our road ambulance experts are always on their toes to reach the spot without any delay, and we understand that time is the most vital factor to save a life. Our road ambulances are GPS enabled so that we can track and guide them to reach the desired destination following the fastest and shortest route. The vehicles used for Dubai Ground Ambulance Services have all the modern equipment with trained medical and paramedical staff to operate them. It may be the oxygen cylinders, the monitor, the nebulizers, or any other special kits that one can see inside and ICU of a hospital. We have them all inside the vehicle so that the patient can be shifted or transported from Dubai UAE to another hospital without any trouble.

Over the years, we have transported many patients in Dubai via road ambulance, not only within the city but far beyond that. We even reach the remotest areas to pick them up for treatments or dropping them at home after treatment. On receiving the call, we first gauge the situations over the phone about the patient and then send the expert team. They move with an adequately equipped ambulance so that the patient can be shifted with the life support system if the medical condition is too critical. Our team of ground ambulance experts who accompany the patient during the transfer process is continuously in touch with the hospital and doctors. They take the advice where the patient is intended to be admitted and do the needful as per instructions. We never compromise with this factor and always follow the guidelines given to us by the preferred hospital and the doctor.

One may require an ambulance that is equipped with cardiac treatment equipment or may need a general ambulance. We are backed by all types of vehicles to handle the situations correctly so that the patient can be transferred from one bed to another without any discomfort during the journey. All our ambulances are well equipped with facilities for ICU, NICU or CCU transfers. Every ambulance provided by us has a qualified doctor and nurse for continuous monitoring of the health of the patient during the journey. They are continuously in touch with the doctors of the preferred hospital. They report the condition of the patient and do the needful as per instructions by the hospital.

All our staff is cordial and experienced to transfer any critical patient from one destination to another. They are well aware of the requirements for the ground transfer of patients. The vehicles are equipped with all the modern medical gadgets to measure the health parameters of the patient during transportation and give the best comfort. We keep track of all our vehicles used for ground ambulance services using GPS and other modern connectivity systems. The position of the ambulances is tracked, including the traffic on the road ahead. We guide the vehicles to follow the shortest possible route. If required, we keep in touch with the police administration and arrange for a green corridor so that the ambulance is not struck up in traffic. We believe in extending our warm hands at the time of medical emergencies.

We never bargain at the hour of need and believe that life is more expensive than our rates. Our motto is to save life racing against time. We provide ground ambulance services in Dubai (UAE)  to the remotest areas, and distance is not a factor to us. Our fleet of modern mobile units is always ready to reach the crisis spot at the east possible time for transporting the patient. It is time to take our services for any of your medical transportation needs. We are always there to extend our hands in the time of crisis.

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