Human Care Worldwide provides Domestic Air Ambulance Service to and from each and every city and town in India. Due to effective and quick deployment of Human Care Air-Ambulance service which can take you anywhere in India at the speed of lightening. Our Air-Ambulances are specially equipped air craft designed for relocating patients from one facility to another with continuous medical monitoring to ensure their safety. Medical aspects like trained personnel, equipment and care are provided by Human Care Worldwide Ambulances. Human Care Worldwide Ambulance’s services conquer time and distance in emergencies. And saves lives. Human Care Worldwide offers rapid and direct response, 24 hours a day and every day of the year, to acute medical emergencies.

Our fleet, extends throughout Indian sub-continent. The Human Care Worldwide fleet utilizes small airfields unavailable to larger aircraft, ensuring shortest possible connecting journeys. Human Care Worldwide can fly airways and, on emergency medical services, its aircraft are accorded priority at major airports. Human Care Worldwide is equipped for intensive care and able to carry a seriously ill stretcher patient with a doctor and nurse in attendance. The larger aircraft also offers the chance for relatives to travel with the patient, in air-conditioned comfort. An incubator is available for neonatal care.

Ground support of Human Care Air-Ambulance includes the extensive database of medical, aviation and surface transport contacts worldwide, available on line, plus a comprehensive inventory of drugs and medical equipment. The aircraft are equipped for in-flight intensive care with E. C. G., Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, Portable Ventilator, Suction machine, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen, Emergency Medicines, Resuscitation kit, Nebulizers, Syringe Pump, Pace Maker and Spine Board. An incubator can be carried for premature babies.
Human Care Air-Ambulance services extend from medical escorts to commercial airline stretcher services to evacuation of critically ill patients on ventilators by chartered flights to any destination in India. Our doctors are available 24 hours a day on our medical Hotline to respond to your request and propose the most suitable and economical solution for your transport.