Cremation Services

Cremation Service

Cremation Service in Dubai and World: Uncertainties are not predictable and the pain of the situation is un-measurable. During such situation, one doesn’t have the senses to deal with the sad situation and act promptly for further procedure. Here is where our expert team play a vital role in handling the situation and commence the further procedures. We are one of the reputed providers of cremation service in Dubai and world. Death of an Expat on foreign land brings lots of cremation complications and we perform as not a service provider by solution providers in such cases. Once a request of the service is received by us, we act swiftly take care of the entire process. Our service includes preparation of the logistics for the last journey and rites considering religious rights and beliefs aiming at cremating the human remain with dignity. Obituary meetings are also managed by us. 

Service Highlights:

  • Personal Assistance by Professional Team
  • Morgue Arrangement
  • Freezer Boz Arrangement
  • Coffin Arrangement
  • Documentation
  • Cremation Ground Arrangement
  • Pray Meeting Arrangement
  • Obituary Meeting Publication
  • Moderate Cost for the Service
  • Miscellaneous Expenses