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Human Care Worldwide is a medical assistance company that presents your medical travel and health tourism which allows you to access medical centres and healthcare facilities across the globe providing you aiding patronage at a price you can afford. Our chief objective is to provide safe, affordable, and timely healthcare services to our clients throughout the world. We have access to the supreme hospitals including the finest medics and eminent surgeons across the globe. Our proficient team works upon your medical requirements and acts promptly in order to furnish swift and best available alternatives to our global clients. We epitomize as a one-stop solution provider to our clients and offer services which range from Global Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, and Doctor on Call, Hospitalization Facility, Travel and Accommodation for patient’s relatives, Medical Tourism, Corpse Transfer, and Emergency Cash Advance. We understand the face of the situation and suggest the best of the best solution with comprehensive assistance considering international standards. So just relax and let us serve you.

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Medical Tourism_Home Page

Human Care World Wide is a proficient performer in medical tourism industry having collaboration with the finest hospitals and medical centers across the globe furnishing an affordable and comprehensive gamut of options to our universal clients. Our expert dedicated team takes care of our clients right from your travel to stay to treatment. Our aim is to provide a superlative, affordable and reliable medical tourism facility to our clients.

Air Ambulance service narrates our success anecdotes. Since 2004, we have proficiency in gratifying medical repatriation services to our global patients via Commercial Airlines and Private Charters. Our professional approach and cent percent satisfactory ratio have composed Human Care World Wide as a market lead in its industry. We offer Bed to Bed transfer and all
our air ambulances are utterly equipped with all the essential medical instruments and proficient
medical crew on board for an efficient and professional patient transfer.

Doctor on call Home Page

Human Care World Wide’s offers an exclusive service of “Doctor on Call” to its clients around the world. We assign professional doctors from various specified fields as well as general physicians who visit our client’s home/hotel and perform the treatment procedure. We also offer doctor consultation in OPD at the nearby hospital.

Ground Ambulance Services

Human Care World Wide has the ability to provide ground ambulances to our global clients at any part of the world. We expertise in providing Level 4 (BLS) with basic patient transportation
paraphernalia and Level 6 (ACLS) ambulances with modern and the preeminent medical equipment essential to perform a smooth and hassle-free  transfer of critical patients. Our ambulances are ushered by well experienced and trained medical as well as ambulance operating staff.

Mortal Remain Service

Considering the tragic situation, we offer such service which provides an alleviating hand to the family of the late. Human Care World Wide offers a range of services for Human Remains including Corpse Transfer, Cremation and Burial. All the procedures are been carried considering international norms and standards and such services are provided considering religious beliefs, rights and rituals.

Ambulance Fabrication_Home Page

Human Care World Wide is a ‘One Stop Solution’ for ambulance fabrication. We have an enormous experience in fabricating ambulances according to the client’s necessities. We specialize in fabricating Level 4 (BLS) and Level 6 (ACLS) ambulances considering the AIS-125 code of manufacturing. Our ambulances are been utilized by renowned hospitals and top ambulance operators thought Indian region. Visit Site

Medic Team Home Page

Human Care World Wide functions as an intermediate in stipulating a healthier work arena to
our corporate clients. We bestow a 24*7 specialized and certified panel of medical team in the
work premises which serves exclusive medical support to the employees of our client’s. Today
we are assisting numerous clients from various industries like Oil and Natural Gas, Airports,
Construction, Ports, Shipping, Air Lines, etc. Our medical services at Chattrapati Shivaji
Terminals Airport (Bombay Airport) since 2012 indicates our reliability and our aptitude.

private chartered air ambulance

Human Care World Wide offers elite service of Private Charter/Business Charters for individuals and business professionals. Comprehending the time value of money, we provide charter service which furnish you swift transportation affording time efficiency, comfort with luxury and professionalism at affordable prices.

We commit to provide you with reliable, affordable, and proficient medical services at anytime, anywhere across the globe.


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Why Choose Us?

Our experience since 2004 has crafted our approach in providing profound delivery in services which we offer. Our experience has directed us and laid down an austere platform for us which influences us to deliver services effectively and efficiently considering time value of life.

We know the value of life and hence we have the latest and the best equipment in the market and we keep on upgrading our equipment according to the changing scenario in the medical field.
Our affiliated hospitals are equipped with latest  technologies including Robotics and Cyber-Knife treatments which helps in minimizing recovery time and allowing the patient to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Today Human Care World Wide has its existence at every continent of the world serving diversify set of clients. Our global medical network offers assorted platter for you to opt form the optimum and desired medical opportunities worldwide.

Portrait an unknown male doctor holding a stethoscope behind

Human Care World Wide has a well-trained, highly professional and expert medical team which is the most essential element in saving one’s life. All our medical crew are certified and possess
enough experience to provide superlative care to you. Our medical team expertise in trauma and intensive care which plays a very vital role in emergency situations.

Safety and Reliability goes hand in hand and our work model portraits the phenomena for the same. At Human Care World Wide, both the aspects are possible as we have the preeminent
medical staff with finest medical support globally which sees to the safety and reliability of you as a precious entity.

Human Care World Wide is a client friendly organization which aims at providing affordable services to you. Our global associations offer enormous alternatives to you which enables you to opt for an affordable service option. Our affiliations with Air Line companies gives the cheapest option available for patient repatriation as a stretcher case.


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